︎︎︎Junior Illustrator @ Soapbox Magazine OCT2022_PRESENT

︎︎︎Graphic Design Intern @ For The People FEB2022_MAY2022


︎︎︎Bachelor of Communication Design @ Billy Blue College of Design



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Type Design, Editorial / 2021

The brief asked for the design of a typeface that includes all the letters in at least a single case, all of the numerals and some basic special characters. In addition, the brief required the showcasing of the typeface in a type specimen of some sort.

I created 'Ultor', a display font intended to elicit an elegiac, serious tone of voice.

After I had finished designing the typeface, I felt that it gave off a very 'gothic' vibe. Hence, for the type specimen, I decided to create a zine centred around the theme of punishment. To me, this is an underexplored theme in the world of design that is very much reflected in the character of Ultor. With the zine, I hoped to showcase the font's letterforms & potential applications in an unusual & interesting context where readers can also be intellectually stimulated about the theme of punishment.

AGDA Awards 2021 - Distinction in Student Crafts
AGDA Awards 2021 - Merit in Student Publication Design

︎Hi, I’m Marcus. I’m a Sydney-based graphic designer specialising in branding and illustration.