︎︎︎Junior Illustrator @ Soapbox Magazine OCT2022_PRESENT

︎︎︎Graphic Design Intern @ For The People FEB2022_MAY2022


︎︎︎Bachelor of Communication Design @ Billy Blue College of Design



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This Book Of Posters Will
Never Be Finished

Editorial Design / 2022

Our major project brief asked us to create a piece of work that would best encapsulate us as a designer, fully.

As a designer wracked by anxiety and perfectionism, I decided to create a poster a day for 100 days in order to overcome the excessive overthinking underlying all my design work.

On day 10, I failed and missed several posters in a row. But, I decided to keep going and contribute to what would essentially be an incomplete/imperfect project.

Then, I decided to create a book out of this imperfect project - showing to myself that, even if I fall short, I can still create a piece of work that I can be proud of.

AGDA Awards 2022 - Merit in Student Publication Design 

︎Hi, I’m Marcus. I’m a Sydney-based graphic designer specialising in branding and illustration.