︎︎︎Junior Illustrator @ Soapbox Magazine OCT2022_PRESENT

︎︎︎Graphic Design Intern @ For The People FEB2022_MAY2022


︎︎︎Bachelor of Communication Design @ Billy Blue College of Design



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1% Less

Branding, Print / 2021

The brief asked to utilise the Double Diamond methodology (Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver) to answer a challenge question: “How might we get products to people without generating plastic waste?”

After a thorough research process, I identified two core issues:

1) Consumers experience 'ecological grief' regarding plastic waste, i.e. they feel that it's up to big corporations to facilitate a circular economy, and that the efforts of individuals is futile.

2) Consumers are willing to make small changes to alleviate their plastic waste output, but solutions involving bigger lifestyle changes are naturally much less palatable.

I devised a messaging campaign titled '1% Less', with the goal of communicating that if all consumers reduced their plastic waste output by just 1% through small, feasible, incremental lifestyle changes, the collective impact would be substantial.

AGDA Awards 2021 - Distinction in Student Print

︎Hi, I’m Marcus. I’m a Sydney-based graphic designer specialising in branding and illustration.