︎︎︎Junior Illustrator @ Soapbox Magazine OCT2022_PRESENT

︎︎︎Graphic Design Intern @ For The People FEB2022_MAY2022


︎︎︎Bachelor of Communication Design @ Billy Blue College of Design



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Branding, Illustration / 2022

The brief asked for the branding and packaging design for a company in the fast-moving consumer goods category.

Within the ready-to-drink (RTD) tea industry, the challenge was to create an identity and a design that would break out of the mold of the minimalism-driven, heritage-based products of the established market and attract a health-conscious but youthful target market who enjoy iced tea but dislike the current product offering.

I created Bestea, a brand for an unsweetened fruit iced tea product based on the idea of a drink who is as weird, quirky, playful, but wholesome, as your bestie - your Bestea.

AGDA Awards 2022 - Distinction in Student Brand Identity
AGDA Awards 2022 - Distinction in Student Packaging
AGDA Awards 2022 - Distinction in Student Print

Indigo Awards 2023 - Gold Award Winner under the Student Branding for Beverages Category

︎Hi, I’m Marcus. I’m a Sydney-based graphic designer specialising in branding and illustration.