︎︎︎Junior Designer @ DesignStudio MAY2023_PRESENT

︎︎︎Graphic Design Intern @ For The People FEB2022_MAY2022


︎︎︎Bachelor of Communication Design @ Billy Blue College of Design



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Error! Magazine

Editorial / 2020

The brief required the design of a brand-new magazine publication focusing on design, informed by the design styles of the mid-twentieth century to the early 2010s. The magazine would have to appeal to the target audience of design-savvy students and professionals. The challenge for me was maintaining a consistent look and feel across the entire magazine that was visually interesting.

I created "ERROR!", a digitally-oriented design magazine embodying the notion that as designers, we are attracted to imperfections as they allow the opportunity to create something positive out of something usually associated with negativity, as design work can be seen as correcting visual and structural 'errors' in the world. It's also the first word we see on a heart-stopping Error! dialogue box that tells us Illustrator has crashed after 2 hours of work. And it's just a nice looking word.

︎Hi, I’m Marcus. I’m a Sydney-based graphic designer specialising in branding and illustration.